Release of Information to Parents and Guardians

FERPA requires the University to have a student's written consent to release information from the student's education record. Exceptions to this requirement include the release of information to other school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in the information, and to parents of an eligible student who claim the student as dependent for tax purposes. The University may also notify parents if officials are aware of a health or safety concern that poses a significant danger to the student or to others. The College may also notify a parent or guardian in cases where there is a change in a student’s status in the College.

In order to be notified of any other information parents must complete, and return to the office of the area Dean of Students, a statement of their student's dependent status for tax purposes. If a student is not a dependent but wishes that parents be notified of their status, the student may fill out a consent form. In the College, both forms are sent to parents in the summer prior to the student's matriculation. Students may notify the University of changes in their tax dependency status at any point by filling out a form in the office of their area Dean of Students.