Additional Administrative Regulations

ChicagoCard Policy

The campuses of the University of Chicago are places of learning, research, and residence; employment; recreation or sightseeing; and more. The University is pleased to welcome all who use its spaces and resources appropriately and responsibly. Students, faculty, staff, other academic personnel, postdocs, employees of affiliates operating in University buildings, alumni, guests, neighbors, visitors, tourists, and others use the campuses throughout the year.

In an effort to sustain a welcoming and productive environment for those who live, work and study at the University, the University limits access to some spaces and resources to those who have been issued a ChicagoCard, an official identification card. The University issues a ChicagoCard to students, faculty, staff, and some academic visitors so that they may gain access to spaces and resources not available to the general public either in general or at certain times.

Individuals occupying University spaces or using University resources should understand that on occasion they may be asked to show identification or their ChicagoCard to a University employee whose role includes ensuring that only authorized individuals are present on University property or in facilities operated by the University, or that only authorized individuals are using certain University resources.

If asked by such a University employee to show identification, UChicago ID carriers are required to show their card. If a student, employee, or academic visitor who is asked for identification has any concern about the request or believes that they were not treated appropriately during the interaction, that person must nonetheless comply with the request for identification and present their ChicagoCard. Subsequently, such an individual is encouraged to report their concern to their supervisor (if they are a University staff person or postdoc), the area Dean of Students (if they are a University student), or to the Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs (if they are a University faculty member, academic appointee, or academic visitor). Appropriate follow-up will then occur in accordance with University protocol.

All interactions are expected to comport with the University’s commitment to civility, and the specific protocols of the schools, divisions, and other University offices and departments.

The ChicagoCard is not transferable, must never be lent to any other person, and must be presented upon request as described above. The ChicagoCard should be treated with care, just like a driver’s license, passport, or credit card. Misuse of the identification card will result in its forfeiture and may lead to disciplinary action.

For more information about the functionality of the ChicagoCard and replacement of cards, please visit the ID & Privileges website.