Withdrawal from the University

The University takes seriously the decision of any student to suspend studies and withdraw from their program. Whether for academic, financial, or other personal reasons, such actions are understood to be life-changing. Students considering such actions are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of their area Deans of Students, departmental advisers, financial aid, UChicago Student Wellness, and Campus and Student Life professionals.

Students in the College who decide not to return to the College must take a leave of absence. To do so, students must submit a Leave of Absence Request to the Office of College Community Standards. While on leave, students will have a note indicating “Current Status: Leave of Absence” posted to their University of Chicago transcript and are liable for all tuition and fees assessed for any quarter for which they have registered.

Should they decide to return to the College, a student on leave of absence may do so at any time. To do so, students must submit a Request to Resume Study form.

Students who decide to return to the College after a leave extending more than 8 quarters, consecutive or cumulative, must submit the Request to Resume Study form with additional supporting materials. The request and the additional materials will be reviewed by the College Academic Standing Committee. The College is not obliged to approve a student’s return. Students who are approved to resume their studies are ordinarily expected to complete their program without further interruption.

See the section on “Returning from a long-term Leave of Absence” on the College website.

Students in the College who have graduated from another college or university will be administratively withdrawn from the College and are ineligible to return.

Graduate students in the divisions and schools may request a voluntary withdrawal and under some circumstances may be withdrawn administratively:

Voluntary Withdrawal

If a graduate student decides not to complete their degree program, the student must formally withdraw from the program in writing. Students should contact their Dean of Students’ office to withdraw voluntarily from their degree program. Rarely and in limited cases, students may resume study after withdrawal, see Resumption of Students after Voluntary or Administrative Withdrawal.

Restricted Registration Administrative Withdrawal

Registration restrictions may be placed on a student’s account for a variety of reasons, see Restriction of Student Accounts and Privileges. Students should consult with their Dean of Students as needed to clear restrictions.

Graduate students who are restricted from registering must clear their restrictions by the end of the third week of the quarter or they will be put on an administrative leave of absence in that quarter. At the beginning of the next quarter, if the student has failed to clear all restrictions, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the University by their Dean of Students (unless the student is on a documented non-administrative leave of absence).

Individual schools and divisions may have their own registration policies and related deadlines that precede the end of the third week of the quarter. Students are responsible for adhering to regulations specific to their program of study.

All students should consult with their Dean of Students to understand funding, health insurance, registration limits, and other implications related to leaves of absence and withdrawal. International students should report their decision to withdraw to the Office of International Affairs. Students who have taken educational loans must have an exit interview with the appropriate financial aid office.

Resumption of Studies after Voluntary or Administrative Withdrawal

A graduate student who has voluntarily withdrawn or been administratively withdrawn from a program and later wishes to resume study must contact their Dean of Students’ office regarding resumption of studies eligibility and procedures.

Resumption of studies is not guaranteed and is at the sole discretion of the division or school in consultation with the degree program. If a student is approved for resumption, the academic program and the student, in coordination with the dean of students’ office, will create a completion plan, including all outstanding milestones and applicable deadlines as well as appropriate registration time limits based on the date of return.

A student returning from voluntary withdrawal or administrative withdrawal must pay a reinstatement fee of $250. Scholarship and fellowship support are not guaranteed upon resumption of studies.