Area Admission Review Systems

Each academic unit—the College, graduate divisions, professional schools, and the Graham School— has written procedures for addressing misconduct involving a student who has accepted admission but who has not yet assumed the role of a student at the University. Those procedures may be obtained from the academic unit. The unit-specific procedures follow the outline of the procedures described below, with variations that reflect the values and educational goals of the specific academic unit.

Authority to defer or revoke admission before matriculation rests with the area Admission Review Committee, composed of the area senior admissions officer or chair of the admissions committee (or designee), the cognizant academic dean (or designee), and a representative from Campus and Student Life. Admission may be deferred or revoked for fraud, misrepresentation, material omission of fact, dishonesty, violation of University standards in the application for admission, violation of University academic standards, or any other pre-matriculation misconduct.

Generally, the person bringing the allegation of misconduct first will discuss the allegation with the senior admissions officer or chair of the admission committee of the academic area (or designee) of the respondent. The area senior admissions officer or admission committee chair will notify the admitted student of the alleged infraction, request a prompt written response to the allegation, and otherwise gather and review germane information. Based on the inquiry the senior admissions officer or admissions committee chair has the discretion and authority to dismiss the complaint, resolve the complaint administratively, or refer the complaint to the area Admission Review Committee.

If convened, the area Admission Review Committee will examine expeditiously the facts related to the allegation and the response. At its discretion, the area Admission Review Committee may seek additional information from others with knowledge about the alleged misconduct and may ask the admitted student and/or others to answer specific questions or meet with the committee. The area Admission Review Committee will determine the appropriate institutional action and/or discipline, including but not limited to withdrawal of admission, deferral of matriculation, educational or training program, etc. Matriculation may be delayed so that the area Admission Review Committee may complete its investigation and make a decision.

The decision of the area Admission Review Committee is final and unreviewable within the University.