Special Mention

Special Mention

The University permits other methods for University community members to publicize events and causes, including those detailed below.


Chalking is allowed only on campus sidewalks or walkways that can be easily washed away by rain and that will not cause lasting or permanent damage. Chalking on buildings, non-sidewalk, or non-walkway surfaces is prohibited. Water-soluble chalk must be used. Spray chalk is not allowed.

Preservation or protection of specific chalking is not possible. Students and organizations seeking advice on effective ways to publicize their events or causes are encouraged to contact the Center for Leadership and Involvement (RC 001, 773-834-8300).

Members of the campus community who have concerns about particular chalking on one or more campus surfaces should contact the Center for Leadership and Involvement (RC 001, 773-834-8300) for guidance.

Solicitation and Distribution of Handbills and Leaflets

All handbills or leaflets distributed on campus must clearly state the name of the organization or individual responsible for the publicity and/or event. Policies on solicitation and the distribution of handbills and leaflets vary by building.

Online Calendar

Events can be posted on the University online calendar.

Table Tents in Dining Halls

Housing & Residence Life must approve table tents for the four residential dining commons (Baker, Bartlett, Cathey and Woodlawn) and the Student Centers (RC 003A, 773-834-0858) must approve the table tents for eateries in the Reynolds Club & Hutchinson Commons. All requests must be submitted at least five days prior to the posting date. Only one table tent per table is allowed for a maximum duration of five days. Unapproved table tents will be removed. Table tent promotions are for campus events and causes only. All table tents must include the name of the sponsoring student group or campus department.