Area Disciplinary Systems Review Process

Allegations of Misconduct by an Individual or Group (Not Unlawful Harassment or Sexual Misconduct)

If a disciplined student wishes to request a review of the decision, the student must make that request in writing to the Dean of Students in the University (or designee) not more than fifteen days following the date on which the Area Disciplinary Committee issues written notification of its decision. The disciplined student must submit the request for review and supporting material in writing; the Review Board will consider only a request for review and/or supporting materials prepared and/or submitted by the disciplined student, i.e., the Review Board will not consider materials prepared or arguments advanced by the student’s support person (e.g., the student’s attorney). At the written request of the disciplined student, the student may be granted an additional fifteen days to submit those materials; further extensions of time will not be considered (nor will “supplemental” submissions of supporting materials). The only legitimate grounds for review are: (1) that prescribed procedures were not followed, and (2) that new and material information unavailable to the Area Disciplinary Committee bears significantly in the student’s favor.

Area Disciplinary System Review Board

A Review Board will be promptly constituted once a request for review is received by Campus and Student Life. The Review Board consists of the Dean of Students in the University (or designee), one member of the faculty of the student's academic area and who serves as chair, and one student member of the student's academic area. The faculty and student members are both appointed by the Dean of Students in the University (or designee) and neither shall be a member of the Area Disciplinary Committee that rendered the decision under review. All members of the Review Board must maintain independent judgment and an open mind about the decision under review. The Review Board’s decision is final and non-reviewable. In making a decision, the Review Board does not conduct a new disciplinary proceeding and normally does not interview witnesses or seek additional information from the student seeking review or witnesses, although the Review Board has the authority to do so and may seek additional information regarding the proceeding from Campus and Student Life or the Dean of Students of the unit in which the matter originated. The Review Board, acting on the basis of the entire record, may sustain, reduce, modify or strike the sanctions imposed if it determines that prescribed procedures were not followed or, if it is satisfied in its reasoned judgment that the new and material information not available to the area Disciplinary Committee more likely than not would have resulted in a different decision, it may require the area Disciplinary Committee to reconvene and consider the new information in the proceedings.

The Dean of Students in the University (or designee) will promptly communicate the Review Board’s decision to the requesting student.