Quarterly Mandatory Fees

Student Life Fee

Generally, all registered students must pay the quarterly Student Life Fee, a portion of which covers services provided at Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS). Students' spouses, eligible same-sex domestic partners and dependent children age 14 and older who are insured through the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP), are assessed the Dependent Life Fee and are entitled to receive services at SHCS. For a detailed description of the Student Life fee visit:


Summer Access: Students registered at the University during the summer will automatically be assessed the summer quarter Student Life Fee on their student account. Students registered during the spring quarter but not registered during the summer, who remain in the Chicago area during the summer, may elect to purchase the summer Student Life Fee for continued access to the services of SHCS through August 31. June graduates who are enrolled in U-SHIP, who will remain in the Chicago area during the summer, also may elect to purchase the summer Student Life Fee, in order to meet the U-SHIP policy’s requirements for primary care services from SHCS through August 31. This election is made through http://my.uchicago.edu.

Some programs are ineligible. Students who are uncertain should contact their area Dean of Students Office or the Registrar.

Waiving the Student Life Fee

The Student Life Fee will be waived only for those students who live and study over 50 miles from campus and who will not be on campus during the academic year. Students need to petition Campus and Student Life to receive this waiver. There are no other grounds for waiving this mandatory fee.