Restricted Registration Administrative Withdrawal

The University has a system of continuous registration that requires all graduate students to be registered in some official status from the time of entry into the program until the degree is awarded. Following upon that requirement, students who are restricted and therefore cannot register must clear their restrictions by the end of the fifth week of the quarter or they will be assessed a $250 continuous registration penalty fee. Any student who fails to clear all restrictions and become officially registered by the end of that same quarter will be administratively withdrawn from the University. A student who has been administratively withdrawn from a Ph.D. program because of restriction and later wishes to resume study must apply for readmission. If readmitted, the student will be required to register retroactively for three of every four of the intervening quarters from the time of withdrawal until the time of resumption of study (up through the equivalent of twelve years of registered student status) and will be charged tuition at the rate current at time of re-entry. In addition, the student will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $150 per quarter for each of those quarters, plus the one-time continuous registration penalty fee of $250 which was previously assessed during the quarter of restriction.