Registration for Students in Ph.D. Programs

To record the progress of students toward the Ph.D., the University requires full-time continuous registration. Students complete Ph.D. program requirements as established by individual academic units. Program requirements vary by department or school, while registration is uniform across the University.

To receive a Ph.D., students are registered continuously up to twelve years from the date of their matriculation. Students will still be allowed to graduate after the twelfth year with their department's and division's permission as detailed below. Satisfactory academic progress toward the doctorate, as determined by the specific programs, is required for continued registration. Academic programs may set a time limit on degree completion.                

To meet the full-time continuous registration requirement, students are required to be registered for at least three academic quarters—normally the autumn, winter, and spring quarters. Some programs require registration during the summer quarter as well.

Doctoral candidates who submit their approved dissertation by Friday of the first week of a quarter and apply to graduate in that quarter will not be registered as students in that quarter. They will not be required to pay tuition or fees associated with registration (and will therefore not have access to the privileges associated with student status).

While registered, students have access to student housing, library privileges, use of athletic facilities,  eligibility for student health insurance and access to the services of the Student Health Service (SHS) and Student Counseling Service (SCS), ability to borrow under federal student loan programs (so long as the student is otherwise eligible to participate in these programs), and deferment of repayment of past federal student loans.

Students must be enrolled for at least 300 units, including the option of research or advanced study. The choice to enroll in specific courses is made in accordance with program requirements and students' scholarly needs. The tuition associated with registration is a fixed sum that is not altered by enrollment in specific courses.