Registration, Records & Enrollment

The most current policies, rules, and requirements related to such matters as registration, grades, and graduation are available online at The divisions, schools, and College may also establish specific policies for their respective areas.

Uniform Drop/Add Deadline and Census Day

The University limits course drop/add activities to a period of no longer than three weeks from the first day of the quarter, permitting shorter periods as academic or professional units require. The University establishes the third business day of the fourth week as the quarter's official census day. Accordingly, student registration statuses and course registrations for the quarter must be completed by the end of the drop/add period. Course drops performed after the drop/add period expires are noted on the student transcript with a grade of "W", and usually the "Late Charge Penalty fee" is applied for any late adds.

Restriction of Student Accounts and Privileges

The University applies restrictions to students' university accounts in two categories.

Category One Restriction

Penalties are applied locally to students' accounts by the restricting office.

The office placing the restriction will notify students of the penalty and its consequences. Category One restrictions will not interfere with the student's registration and enrollment in courses, but may affect the availability of services from that particular office.

Category Two Restriction


Bursar                                                   Unpaid balances

International Affairs                                Failure to comply with                                                                                  international student check-in                                                                      requirements

Library                                                   Unreturned materials, unpaid fines

Parking Office                                         Five or more outstanding                                                                              parking tickets

Residential Client Services                       Unpaid rent assessments

Student Health Services                           Failure to comply with state                                                                          immunization requirements

Student Loan Administration                     Default on loan repayments or no                                                                exit interview             

Area Dean of Students                             Disciplinary actions    

Dean of Students in the University            Failure to complete mandatory                                                                      sexual prevention training         

University Registrar                                 Failure to confirm personal data

Restriction notifications are posted on the “My Alerts” portlet of the myUChicago portal.  Students are responsible for regularly checking their alert status and contacting the restricting office as soon as possible to resolve the matter.

In addition to the notification on the portal, students will receive an email communication from the restricting office.  The frequency of these communications will vary depending on the office.

The Office of the University Registrar also sends email notifications to students, summarizing all of their Category Two restrictions, during key registration periods. Restrictions may interfere with a student’s ability to bid on classes and register. It is the student’s responsibility to clear restrictions as soon as possible.

If a Category Two restriction is unresolved by Friday of week seven of the quarter, the student will be prohibited from requesting courses and/or pre-registering for courses for the upcoming quarter. In addition, a Category Two restriction will also prohibit several university privileges and services. (Depending on the nature of the offense, a Category One restriction may also affect these services.)

Prohibitions generally will include the ability to:

• Obtain official transcripts of academic records and grade reports

• Obtain official certification of student or alumni status

• View academic and personal information on university administrative systems

• Obtain a new Chicago Card

• Borrow materials from the libraries

• Access and use athletic facilities

• Access University Housing

• Maintain valid parking permit

If a Category Two restriction is cleared in the quarter it was imposed or before the end of the subsequent quarter, the student's status will revert to an active student status; however, if it is not resolved in this time frame, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the University. If the restriction is not cleared by Friday of week three of the upcoming quarter, the student will not be permitted to enroll in courses until the subsequent quarter. For example, if a Category Two restriction is imposed in autumn quarter, and it is cleared after Friday of week three of winter quarter, the student may not enroll in courses until spring quarter.