Posting Policy

The University community may publicize their events in designated areas through several methods. The form and content of the publicity will not be restricted, unless it is libelous, obscene, incites riot or other unlawful action. Event advertising may not include any suggestions of the availability of alcohol. All posting outside the Reynolds Club must state clearly the name of the organization or department, and if applicable event date, time and location. Violation of the posting policy will result in consequences ranging from a penalty fine to suspension of the student organization or individual student. Complaints and questions must be directed to the Center for Leadership and Involvement (RC 001, 702-8787).

Anonymous posting is allowed in the Reynolds Club only. These postings must be dated and will be removed one week after posting. Posting must be placed only on designated bulletin boards, no more than one posting per event and the posting should not cover current postings belonging to other organizations or individuals. The Center for Leadership and Involvement monitors the bulletin boards in the Reynolds Club and Bartlett Hall only. If a member of the University community has any concerns about postings on campus please contact the Center for Leadership and Involvement (RC 001, 702-8787).

Campus groups may post banners in the Reynolds Club, on the walls and the main arches of Mitchell Tower, but not over windows and doors, or on the woodwork. 

Banners should not cover current banners belonging to other groups. A maximum of one six-foot banner per group may be posted at any time. Groups are responsible for removing banners within twenty-four hours of the event. All banners, including banners without event dates, must be removed after one week of posting the banner. Approval for banners in other campus locations must be obtained from the appropriate office or building management.

Banners and/or signs in outdoor areas are to be erected only by University Departments or RSOs and the schedule of their display must be approved by the Senior Director for Student Life (or designee).